Our history

You've always looked for them, you wanted them with a different diameter, more manageable. You were looking for the right sensation to the touch, rough at the right point. They had to be with activated carbon to better filter fine dust. The must? The taste had to remain unchanged!

This was exactly what we wanted too. So we put our wishes on paper and when we couldn't find it, we used the maps we had in our pockets. On that sheet, more or less thin, we designed the new filters. We have studied them in every detail. Then we slept on it, sometimes literally. We wanted them to be perfect, to give us what others had never given us. It was a question of satisfaction, of personal pleasure, but above all sensorial. We have experimented with innovative materials and tested the proposals of the best international manufacturers. We pulled and pulled until we felt we had the right filter in our hands. What you would have liked too! An activated carbon filter made of coconut shell, with a high temperature resistant ceramic cap on one side and a vegetable cellulose base on the other.
Sustainable by nature, designed in Italy and absolutely neutral in terms of taste.

This is the story of the Weedlez and also a bit of ours.