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We are Weedlez®, a young start-up based in South Tyrol - Italy.
Our story was born from a shared passion for the world of smoking and the desire to create an innovative filter - more effective, greener.

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Three Diameters, A Unique Experience!

Natural Cellulose

To make our filters even more effective and safe, we have introduced natural cellulose. This innovative combination not only prevents the release of activated carbon particles, but also provides an additional barrier to ensure your smoking experience is always clean and free of impurities.

Unique in the world

The Smart FILTER

We are excited to offer you this innovative solution to enhance your smoking experience. Our SmartFILTERS are the result of our dedication to quality and innovation.

The history of Smart FILTER

Traditional activated carbon filters have ceramic tips on both sides, designed to retain activated carbon particles. However, this solution, although conceptually effective, often clashes with an uncomfortable reality: the release of activated carbon residues . This problem can ruin the smoking experience, instilling an unpleasant sense of frustration among those in the know.

Our response to this challenge resulted in an unprecedented innovation: Weedlez SmartFILTERS ! How are they different? SmartFILTERs are activated carbon filters with one end in ceramic and one in natural cellulose . These revolutionary filters, in addition to maintaining the effectiveness of activated carbon , introduce an additional barrier against the release of particles with natural cellulose.

Big Flow - 7MM

For moments of shared pleasure that last : Weedlez's 7mm SmartFILTER is the perfect choice. With its larger diameter and increased breathability, this filter is designed to deliver a flawless and highly enjoyable experience, making every smoke with friends something unforgettable.



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FAQ section

Frequently asked questions by our customers

Which side of the filter should I vacuum?

The side with the cellulose is the one you should vacuum from. The cellulose is designed to allow smoke to pass through whilst retaining unwanted particles, ensuring you can breathe easily whilst the activated carbon effectively filters out impurities.

Do terpenes pass through the cellulose of the filter?

Yes! Terpenes and cannabinoids are relatively small molecules and the low density of cellulose allows the terpenes to pass through freely.

Can I reuse the filters multiple times?

Yes, you can reuse the filters multiple times. However, we recommend using each filter only once to ensure unchanged taste and achieve optimal filtration