Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why use WeedlezFilter filters?

Weedlez activated carbon filters are the best you can find!
Produced with natural and 100% ecological materials. They have a special cellulose membrane, which retains only the impurities of combustion, leaving the smoke smooth and the taste unaltered.
Even our packaging is 100% compostable, with very low consumption of resources for production. They must be disposed of in plastic but are entirely biodegradable.


How to use the WeedlezFilter filter?
The filter must be inserted with the ceramic part facing inside and the cellulose facing outside. The two lines show the part that holds the combustion. For best performance, it should not be wet or left in very humid places.
The activated carbon filter must be used judiciously!

What changes compared to normal filters?
WeedlezFilter, it's not just an activated carbon filter! Our passion and our love for the environment has led us over the years to study a quality product that meets the needs of the most experienced customer. With Weedlez it's not just about smoking, it's about enjoying every puff from the first to the last puff.

Who are the Weedlez?
We Weedlez are not just a young and very friendly Brend. But a family and a close-knit team of connoisseurs like you. Weedlez are what we all want to be, our happiest and funniest selves. Our inner little green men, who love nature and the qualities of life :). Being Weedlez for our loyal customers is not just having a reliable and competent brand to rely on, but becoming part of a great lifestyle choice.